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Kali: DSH Mix, D.O.B October 2018


River: DSH Mix, D.O.B May 2019

River here! How ya doing? I am a spunky girl who just loves to play! I love to play with kids, i love to play with toys and i LOVE to play with other cats! I came into the shelter as a stray after hanging out at a construction site with some cool dudes who thought that probably wasnt the best place for me so they brought me here to the shelter.  I have been waiting here since august if you can believe it! I know im as shocked as you that this adorable ,ug hasnt gotten me into my furrever home yet! Anyyyway their loss is your gaim because im still here searching for my perfect fit!  Could that be you ?? If youre looking for a new playmate to add to your family please consider me ill be waiting! 

Lola: DSH Mix, D.O.B May 2019

Hi. My name is Lola, and I am a sweet and outgoing little girl seeking someone to show me the ins and outs of what its like to be a cat in a home! I haven't been in a home since I was born. I have lived here at the shelter since October (Which is a long time especially in cat years.) While I love it here and love all my cat friends I really do dream of the day when someone walks through that door, points to me and says "thats the one, thats my new cat" So many of us have that dream, and a few of us have seen it realized I just hope that one day that can be me! So if your are seeking a new kitty to add to your family I would love for you to give me a chance, I promise I wont take up much room in your house but I may just fill your heart!

Sophie: DSH Mix, D.O.B October 2016

Hi, Its me....Sophie! A Nice Lady took me to the shelter after me and my two friends were found abandoned on someones porch. We had a good thing going once but sadly for some reason the three of us ended up here. I'm not too upset about it now because being at the shelter means all you can eat meals! And if you see me you'll understand my excitement I'm a bit on the round side if you were to ask me what kind of shape I'm in haha. I'm a little more subtle when it comes to my expressions of love and I will let you come to me. I'm not much of a toy player, I prefer to spend my days sun bathing and snacking frequently. I'm a friend to all the other cats I'm roommates with here and I do my best to listen to their problems and try to give them my words of wisdom and keys to getting adopted! Hopefully I can take my own advice and snag a human of my very own!  Id like to meet you soon so come on by the shelter and look for me! Sophie! I'm pretty hard to miss! 

Tsunami: DSH Mix, D.O.B October 2018

Tsunami is the name but don't let that fool you I'm certainly nothing like a giant wave unless it's a giant wave of adorable! I am a very playful young lady. I too, was found as a stray but that didn't stop me from waltzing my way into the hearts of the humans here in only a short time. I won them over with my beautiful markings and then finished the job with my hilarious acrobatics routine with a laser pointer! I love any toy you can find for me and will spend hours playing with you if you are up for it! I enjoy the company of other cats as well and have not seemed phased when it comes to dogs either! I'm a very confident and outgoing feline and I know that I deserve amazing people because I'm an amazing kitty cat! If your up for a game of get the laser then please come down to the shelter for a meet and play. Hope to see you soon!

Angelica: DSH MIx, D.O.B September 2017

Hey! The names Angelica and you're gonna read my story because I said so. I wasnt always the beautiful vixen you see before you. When I first arrived here at the shelter I was skin and bones, sick, and lacking even a shred of self confidenece. I know, hard to believe right? But it's true. Since coming here I got healthy, partook in the food buffet and have reverted back to the goddess that I was on the inside. I enjoy hanging out with other other cats here but mostly I love attention from you humans! I will do anything to get an ear scratch or a tummy rub, I'd say I'll be extra adorable but I don't even have to TRY to do that. I am also into playing with toys if that helps peaks your interest, give me a bell ball and off I go! So now that l'm back on the market, swipe right and you just might meet the cat of your dreams.

Melody: DSH Mix, D.O.B November 2017

Did you hear that tune? That soft .....Melody? Well that was me, my name name is Melody and im here at the shelter waiting for my happily ever after. Just like the great ending to a song I hope to have a great end to my stay here. When I arrived I had two sweet babies with me whom have now flown the coop to find their own happy endings. We were brought in as strays by a concerned person who wanted to make sure that my babies would be in a safe and warm place while they grew up! Since they have thrived here are the shelter I am now spayed and happy to say that they were my last kittens and i'm ready to spread my wings and venture out into the world with my new family. If you are thinking about adding a new kitty to your family just think of a sweet melody. 

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