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Chester: DSH Mix, D.O.B November 2018

The names Chester, I'm here at the shelter just hanging out with my fellow felines. I'm am a very laid back boy..... litterally I will lay in your arms like a baby all day if you'd let me. Im a bit clingy to be honest, I like to be the star of the show and have all the attention you can give me. If I feel ignored I will tap you on the shoulder and demand pets by rolling around and giving you my most adorable pet me face! If that doesn't work I will preform more adorable acts to get your attention....seriously though just love me....right now. I'd really be ideal for someone who shares my love of snuggles and enjoys watching tv with a cat in their lap. I'm a lap cat and I won't even try to deny it.  I hope that someone out there can read this, see my adorable photos and decide right then and there that they need me in their life. I promise that you'll be happy you made such a great decision.

Fred: DSH Mix, D.O.B May 2014

Well hello there the names Fred and I'm your local stray cat turned house pet. Someone found me out there in the mean streets and brought me to the safety of the warm shelter and caring humans. The second I showed up I figured I better woo them with my charm so I showed off my best purr and they all fell in love with me. Since being at the shelter they have neutered and microchipped me and made me feel like I truly belong which has really allowed me to open up and now I'm just a big goofball who likes to spend his days rolling around on his back, feasting on the all you can eat meals and playing with all the toys I can get my claws on. With that said I do seem to like my space when it comes to other cats and am definately not looking for another feline best friend but would be open to a roommate if they still gave me my space. As welcome as I've felt here it's still not home and I'm hoping to just make this place a rest stop on my way to the top. The top being a home of my own with people that I can belong to forever or that's the dream at least. If I sound like your type of cat then please come meet me I promise to use my best purrr on you too.

Hurricane: DSH Mix, D.O.B September 2014

Greetings and Salutations to all,
While my name may suggest otherwise I am a very proper gentleman, regal to a fault.  I have very sophisticated tastes and if I could wear a top hat I would. I like the finer things in life, pate by a nice window in the sun would be a great example or tuna in a nice comfy bed.  I, unlike many of my other  feline counterparts enjoy a good snooze on someone's lap. I am one who will wait for you to come home after a long day and will dedicate my heart to you should you see fit. I am a cat with what one may call an old soul there is history in my eyes and a future with you in my heart. I would be thrilled to meet someone who enjoys quiet nights and sleeping in on Sundays. I am good with other cats and just happy to do whatever will make you pleased with me. If I sound like the man for you stop by, ask for hurricane and meet the cat of your dreams. 

Asher: DSH Mix, D.O.B August 2017

Hey guys my name is Asher and I am here at the shelter searching for a furrever home and family. I am a super sweet guy that loves attention and affection. I love to play with toys and I love to play with my cagemates. If your thinking of adding a new furr baby to your home and family then come on down to the shelter today.

Jughead: DLH Mix, D.O.B July 2017

Hey guys my name is Jughead and your probably wondering why and where I got my name . Well it’s kind of a funny story. I was found in a garbage can out at the landfill with my head frozen and stuck in a jug. I am super sweet and loveable but a little bit on the shy side. Hard to believe with how big and loveable I am once I know you’re a safe person and we can be friends. If your thinking of adding a new furr baby to your home and family then come on down to the shelter today.

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