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Niko: DSH Mix, D.O.B November 2017

HEYYYYYYY! The names Niko, hows everyone doing today? I just rolled into this place after being found prowling around where I didn't belong, who'd have thunk that people wouldn't like me sorting out their trash for them.  Humans get rid of so much yummy stuff I thought they would be OK with me taking it off their hands, apparently not! So anyway I'm here, and like the rest of my cat friends I'm waiting for that special someone to come along and decide that I'm the one for them! Man that is the dream!  While i wait I try to pass the time by napping, eating, drinking and of course playing with my cat mates, although sometimes I think they always share my enthusiasm. So if you're searching for a cat that just wants to be your new BFF then consider me, my name is Niko and I'm pretty NEATO ? nothing? not even a chuckle?  Bet that one made you smile at least. Until next time. Niko Out.

Milo: DSH Mix, D.O.B April 2019

Hey guys my name is Milo and I am here at the shelter searching for a place to call home and a family to call my own. I am a sweet guy with lots of personality and character. I love to talk talk talk and the shelter staff say I am a purring machine. If your thinking of adding a new furr baby to your home and family then come on down to the shelter today.

Bernie: DSH Mix, D.O.B May 2019

The names Bernie, and I am a shelter cat. I was brought to the shelter as a stray, like most of us here I was someone’s cat one day and sad and alone the next. But I am one of the lucky ones I was brought to the shelter and given a second chance to find love and that’s just what I intend to do. I’m single and ready to mingle. So I guess in order to find the right “One” for me I have to tell you a bit about myself, well i'm young, adventurous and open to trying new things, I enjoy the company of other cats, I like to pretend I’m in the W.W.E and wrestle with them, being friends with me is a full contact sport! Aside from those alluring qualities I also have a sensitive side that I don’t share with just anyone but for that special someone I just might be willing to join in on a cuddle session or two, I may even let you scratch my belly if the mood is right. If I sound like the guy for you please pop in and ask for me!

Galileo: DSH Mix, D.O.B May 2019

Galileo Figaro magnificoooooo  .....yes I was named after the queen song lyrics from Bohemian Rhapsody and yes now it's probably stuck in your head sorry not sorry haha. All my brothers and sisters had lyric names too but they were all lucky enough to get their furrever homes while im still here waiting for mine. Sadly like many shelter animals I am a black and for some reason we seem to be adopted the least out of all the colors, it's sad really because we have just as much love to give!  I am a big snuggle bug and love to lounge around with all my kitty friends and I would just great in a home with other kitties! I'm not sure what I would do with a dog but the shelter humans would find out for you if you have one of those and are thinking about adding me to your family! I have a pretty laid back personality and am pretty calm when it comes to life i enjoy the simple things like a nice bowl of food and a good place to nap! If you have these then I would like be your new best friend! If your interested in lil ol me please ask the humans to point you in my direction!

Asher: DSH Mix, D.O.B August 2017

Hey! Asher here! Thanks for the Visit. If you had to ask me the one thing I'm looking for in a family I would have to tell you that it would be a dog! Don't get me wrong, I love you humans but what I REALLY love are dogs! They are my bestest friends ever and well I just love them! SOOO if you have a dog and are looking for a new best friend then please please come meet me! I am a doggy magnet and I guess id be willing to throw a little love your way to, you know as a thank you for bringing me home to my new dog bother or sister! 

Alex: DSH Mix, D.O.B June 2018

Hey! Hey! ......Ummmm Hiiiiii....Pay attention to me! Ohhhh hey there! The names Alex but it really should be mush because thats what I LOVE to do! What the heck does mush mean you ask? Welllll basically is me rubbing my head and/or entire body on any human or blanket I can get my paws on! I am extremely affectionate and if you arent giving me the attention that Im in dire need of then Im going to tell you!  A life with me would mean a life time snuggle buddy, couches, beds, and chairs, Ill be with you in all of them, I hope thats ok with you because that is the type of family im searching for!   Aside for that, I enjoy the company of my fellow felines and may even use them to cuddle, to feed my need for love! I have not had much interaction with those big loud cats that make weird not cat noises....they have a different name though i think they call them .....dogs or something. Anyway i would probably be ok with one of those too as long as they want to cuddle! So if cuddling is your game then Alex is my name! Come on down and say hello! 

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