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Luna: Matiff Mix, D.O.B December 2018 

Dearest Future Forever Humans: 

Im Luna, if you have already looked at the puppies page then I can tell you that I am the infamous mama that most of them are talking about, thats right at just two years old I have already raised 11 babies on my own! My mom realized that 11 babies was far too much for her to be able to care for so she surrendered us to make sure that we all got the proper care that we needed! I miss my mom for sure but I know that she got us here because she loved us so much! FINALLY, my babies are all old enough to find their own homes and go off to lead amazing lives which is all a mother can hope for! As for me I am just so relieved that there will be no more puppies in my furture and that I can go off to a furrever home! I am a very sweet and gentle girl I enjoy the company of other dogs, cats and kids, if you havent noticed Im not very picky when it comes to the home that I will thrive in! Im like a plant, with a little care and love I will blossom into a wonderful and loving companion for just about anyone! Im hoping if you are reading this that I have struck a cord in your heart and that you will come meet me! 

Licks of love 


Jolene: Rottweiler Mix, D.O.B December 2014

Hiya Humans, Im Jolene how are ya?  I see you're here reading about some dogs at my shelter. Well let me be the first to welcome you and let you know that all of the dogs here are top notch, especially me! At 5 years old I have some experience behind these eyes, I've sniffed my share of trees and pee in my share of bushes, but I'm lookin' to put that in my rear view mirror. With the year approaching I'm settin' my sights on the road ahead, and for me it could lead anywhere, there are so many possibilities! One of those roads will hopefully lead me to meetin' my furrever family.  |I can picture it now, a ma and pa and maybe even a few human brothers and sisters to play around with, sadly for reasons I cant tell ya because I don't speak human my vision doesn't include any animal siblings I prefer to be more of the lone ranger type ya see, I want my humans and I want them to want me. So if ya think I sound like the dog for your family please contact the kind folks here at the shelter.
Thanks for comin' 

Yours Truly 

Missy: Shephard Mix D.O.B September 2017

Hey Everyone it's Missy! And boy do I have a story for you and it's allll about me!

Sooo how did I end up here at the shelter you might wonder? Well I came here with all the other dogs and puppies that came in from that huge seizure months ago! Why did it take me so long to make my grand entrance? Well its kind of a long and crazy story! When I arrived here I was very very pregnant, they suspected I would be having puppies very soon but what they didn't know is that I was planning to have them that very night! The day before we all came here I had a feeling that something big was about to happen and waited to have the babies. When I arrived here I finally felt safe and comfortable enough to bring my little ones into the world and so when the humans arrived the next day they were shocked to find three little babies sleeping next to me! "Surprise" I barked! So I was a good mama, I fed and cleaned my babies until they were big enough to go off to their own happy endings and now here I am waiting for mine! I am spayed now and know that I can finally take life by the tail so I am looking to add some humans to my new chapter and maybe a dog or a cat too! I am good with most dogs I just like proper introductions, I am a lady after all. There is one thing that I have to tell you though and that is that I am a little afraid of men....sadly because I don't speak human I cant tell you why but I am working on it and with some time I get comfortable with anyone and love to be tucked in for my afternoon nap like the little baby I am! So i have to ask you something......could you be my happy ending?

Maddy: Mastiff Mix, D.O.B October 2015

Oh Hi, My name is Maddy or Maddy Maddy Maddy as the humans here keep calling me. I am a very well mannered and sweet lady who just wants to give everyone all of my love! When I first came here I was feeling quite sad and down to be away from my home but now that I am more comfortable and feeling more at home.  I am slowly coming out of my shell and am showing the humans the sweet girl that I am! One of my favorite things to do is to pick up my favorite blue bone toy and run around with it in my mouth playing and have the humans chasing me around to get. I would love to find my furrever home and am hoping that it might just be you! If you would like to get to know me please contact my shelter friends, or better yet stop by for a snuggle! 

Suds: Mastiff Mix, D.O.B October 2015

Sudds Here! How the heck are ya!? Im fantastic! So i guess that you are on here to read all about lil ol' me ? Well let me tell you! From my pictures you may think Im old, slow and just nap all day long but let me assure you that is DEFINATELY not the case, Im only 4 and still as playful as a puppy! Yes like many of us in these stressful times I went grey early in life BUT Im not the type to cover up and not be my self so you are welcome to think of me as the beautiful silver fox that i am! I`m a super happy and outgoing girl! I love to give hugs to anyone who will let me give them! I am a friend to the other pups I have met here at the shelter buuuuuttttt I am lacking a bit of manners when it comes to meeting new dogs and usually just instantly go into play mode! When I met my friend Missy here I just walked up and pawed her in the face and we were best friends but my appoach may not always work with every dog so I would likely have to meet any potential new siblings!  I really hope that you read this and think to yourself  "I have to go and meet this girl right now!"  annnnndddd if you are thinking that then please call my shelter friends and let them know that you wanna meet the new lady of your dreams! 

Dolly: Mastiff Mix D.O.B February 2013

Heeeerrrreeeessss Dolly!  Helllooooo There! It is I, Dolly, and you're welcome for my wonderful presence here on this website. Don't worry about reading any other bio's because I'm you're dog! I'm not saying that the other dogs here aren't great and wonderful and all that but I am the best.  I am a beautiful lady with a bit of life experience under my paws, and I would love to share some of my time with you! I have a few stipulations when it comes to my new furrever the first being that I am the Queen Bee, I am and always will be your loyal only love! I like to think of myself as the monogamous type, once we are together I'm all yours and you're all mine! I hope to find someone willing to dedicate their whole heart to my sweet and loving face? Does I sound like your soul mate? If so please come visit me and let me show you the beautiful and kind hearted soul I can be

Scarlette: American Bulldog Mix, D.O.B May 2017

Oh Hiiiiiiiiii!! 

Im Scarlette and like many Scarettes that came before me im a bit of a wild card when it comes to life, kind of like Scarlette Johansson in any of her movie roles! I am a big people pleaser and just want to be the biggest goofball to make you smile! I do have a few.... lets say....conditions when it comes to what I am looking for in my forever home! I guess I'm a little picky, but I do know the right people will love me any way, first I am not a fan of those things they call cats, or really anything that resembles the size of a cat, even small dogs.....nope too much like cats for my liking. Second those... I think they call them "kids" or "babies" yea again small, loud and needy just like cats haha. I do like the bigger versions of babies... 12 years old or so because that's like 87 in dog years so they kinda get how I like to play and know not to jump on me.  Lastly, I am picky with my dog friends BUT I do love to play with them I share toys well and as long as they don't get grumpy with me first then I am a happy camper! With proper introductions I would certainly be ok with a big dog brother or sister. I know this might seem a little too picky but hey I know what I like and Im not afraid to let you know. I want you to come into this whole falling in love with me thing with your eyes wide open.  I am here waiting for the right home to walk through that door and fall head over heels for little ol' me! Until then thanks for reading. 

Lots of Wags 


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