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Maddie: Mastiff Mix, D.O.B November 2011

I'm Maddie or Maddie Maddie Maddie as the humans call me.  I am a sweet and calm older gal who is seeking a real family and a real home. I've never had one of those and I'd love to see what it's all about. Like my other friends here at the shelter I was also brought in by some nice officers who saved me from having yet another litter of puppies.  And boy am I thankful to finally be spayed and know that I've had my last litter!   I've spent my life having puppies after puppies and never knowing what it's like to just be myself and have someone to love just ME and I would really love to know what that's like. Despite the sad hand I was dealt it never broke my spirit, I am a sweet and affectionate lady who is just over joyed to receive a kind word or loving pat on the head.  I would love to meet you and show you all the love that I have to give.

Thank you for reading

Suds: Mastiff Mix, D.O.B November 2014

Hi, I'm Suds! 
When you meet me you'd never guess how my life started. I spent the first part of it living with tons of other dogs, being bred over and over again. I was the nameless dog whose puppies were sold for profit while I stayed behind just waiting for the day I too could find a loving family. Well I'm happy to tell you, that since being brought to the shelter I've been spayed so no more puppies for me! I've decided that it's time to focus on myself and dream of a brighter tomorrow. To find my place in this big world that never noticed me before now. So here I am patiently waiting for you to come meet me and see what a patient, kind and gentle soul I am. Id just love a chance to finally start living my life! Would you like to join me in my journey to find my new purpose?

Dolly: Mastiff Mix D.O.B November 2012

Hi…Im Dolly…the first 7 years of my life I spent being bred over and over again for a human that only wanted a profit. But I didn’t let that break me though, I kept my chin up and hoped for a day when I would be free to live with someone who can give me the love and care that I so desperately crave. I am the sweetest gentlest girl and I just want to love you! I am so thankful for my second chance! I know that I am a senior girl but that certainly doesn’t mean that I don’t have my whole heart to offer to the right someone. I have been nothing but affectionate to my new friends here at the shelter, the moment I even hear their voices I go into full tail wag mode which sounds like a wrecking ball if you don’t know that it`s just lil ol me begging to be smooched! I am a very quiet girl (besides my frantic tail) who is seeking a human to spend lazy days with me in bed snuggling and just living it up, I haven’t seen much of the world in my years and would love to experience all that it has to offer with you! I am here just simply waiting for my life to begin….

Lots of Love


Harper: Pit Bull Mix, D.O.B September 2017

Sad, alone and pregnant that's how my shelter story began. I was found at a gas station in Cochin by some nice people who knew I needed some help. They contacted the caring people here at the shelter who brought me in and noticed immediately that I was pregnant. They cared for me during this very crucial time and made sure I was well fed and able to provide for my babies once they were born. A few weeks after I arrived I gave birth to six healthy babies three boys and three girls. Now that all the kids ready to fly the coop on their own adventures it's my turn to find a family and start over. I'm spayed now and am so happy that these were my last babies ever!  I am a picky with other dogs so I would have to meet any potential canine siblings to make sure we would work together. I am indifferent to cats and would be fine in a home with feline siblings. I am a petite lady and would be a good size for anyone looking for a medium size dog. If I sound like a good match for you please contact the shelter and ask for Harper!

Abbie: Shepherd Mix, D.O.B November 2018

Oh hello there!
I am Abbie and it's a pleasure to meet you. I'm around 1 year old and a brindle beauty mixed with no one is quite sure what. I'm here at the shelter after being found by some wonderful people who picked me up while I out wandering around looking lost. I am as sweet as sugar but a lot healthier to have around. I am a super smiley girl who just loves to love. I'm great with cats, dogs and kids and am super easy going. There truly isn't much I don't like! Since being at the shelter I have shown the humans here the good girl that I can be and they are super confident that I'm going to find my people soon! I sure hope they are right!  If I sound like the pup for you please stop by and ask for Abbie.

Scarlette: American Bulldog Mix, D.O.B May 2017

Hey guys my name is Scarlette and I am here at the shelter searching for my furrever home and family. I am a sweet girl that loves attention and affection. I would prefer a home with no small children and no cats though. The shelter staff say that I like to love the cats a little to much. If your thinking of adding a new furr baby to your home and family then come on down to the shelter today.

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