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Bruce: Lab Mix, D.O.b January 2019 (Adoption Pending)

BALL?!  DId you say BALL?!  oh ? you didn't ? Hmm must have just been thinking about that old friend of mine BALL!  Anyway let me introduce myself I'm .....BALL, I mean Bruce and well if you haven't guessed it  yet my favoritest thing in life is my BALL! You want me to sit? show me my BALL! you want me to shake a paw ? show me my BALL! I'm a young fella but everyone says how smart and handsome I am, I already know  sit, shake BOTH paws and lay down which isn't too shabby if I do say so myself!  I am a BIG fan of other dogs and LOVE to play and wrestle with them....I like them so much I might even share my BALL with them. I am a big hugger though and I do love to jump up and give big bear hugs so if you aren't a fan of that it may be something we have to work on together but I'm sure that will the help of BALL you will be able to teach me just about anything soooooo if you have room in your home for a big goofBALL and his BALL please consider coming to meet me!

Love Bruce and BALL!

Tank: Pitbull, D.O.B June, 2018 

Um Hey, names Tank, and I'm what the humans here call a big goofball whatever that means, when they first said it I didn't know if I should be offended or flattered but I decided that ignorance is bliss and to just roll with it! I'm not really quite sure why they call me a goofball.....I guess it could be because I like to lick walls sometimes, and gates, and well anything really but I just like to taste things and find out about them through my mouth....I don't think there's anything wrong with that!  Uh, ya so as far as things you should know about me, well I want to be an only pet, I'm not a fan of other animals, I guess thats makes me a bit of an introvert but I'm pretty ok with it, like I said Im an easy going guy, I just want a human or humans to be my world. I might look like a big tank and that may intimidate some people but really I'm just a big teddy bear. Don't judge a book by its cover is kinda my mantra to life given how people tend to look at big brutes like me! Anyway thanks for stopping by and if your thinking about adding a new man to your life please consider me! 

Roscoe: Mastiff Mix, D.O.B June 2017 - (Adoption Pending)

Uhhhh Hi, I'm Roscoe. 
I came here to this big scary loud place a few weeks ago,  and there's  lots of people that come here and it's taking me some time to adjust. I lived my whole life in one place and now I'm in a whole new place and I don't know what to think of it.  Slowly but surely I'm gaining confidence and the shelter humans are showing me that pets and love are ok! I'm even letting new people take me for short walks which is a big step in my life. I came here with some very sad and swollen eyes but thankfully I have recieved the medical care I needed and am on the mend I think once I'm 100% healthy that I will come around even more. I came here from the same place as all my lady friends, I was the only boy to be rescued. I am thankful for my new life and can't wait to find the perfect human for me to finally break down my walls and open my heart to. It may take me some time but I promise you it will all be worth it. For me life is about the journey not the destination. I hope you will open your heart and join me on this journey. 

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