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Quinn: DSH Mix, D.O.B Jube 2019

My story is coming soon!

Orchid: DSH Mix, D.O.B June 2019

Pictures and story are soon to come, please come back and read about me or come on down and just see how cuddly and cute i really am!!!

Petunia: DSH Mix, D.O.B June 2019

Hey! Hi? Ummm HELLLLLOOOOO!  Oh hi, finally.....whats a girl gotta do to get some attention around here? Anyway now that I've got you my name is Petunia! I know, its a bit old fashioned buuuuut when you meet me you will see how much it really does suit me and after youve held me just once you will want to bring me home and call me your sweet sweet Petunia forever! I'm sure you have noticed by now that I am ALLLL about the attention, I want it all, all the pets, all the loves and allll the cuddles! I will curl right into your arms and there I will stay, and you will let me stay because humans seem to like to stay in strange and awkward positions so as not to move the cat,  or so Ive learned, which is all the better for me!  So here is the plan, step one come to the shelter, step two ask the nice people at the front to meet your sweet sweet Petunia (yes get used to saying that it will come more naturally the more you do) step three hold me and snuggle me, step four fall head over heels in love and the final step.....take me home! I promise that if you follow these few simple steps that not only will you change your life forever but mine as well!  All it takes is a step!

Velma: DSH Mix, D.O.B December 2019

Judging by my calculations you are here reading about felines because you are looking for a feline and I would predict that you are looking for a feline like me! 

My name is Velma and I bet you guessed it but I am part of the scooby gang (the smart one of course) Myself, and my friends came into the shelter as strays after we were caught by one of our human suspects while trying to solve a mystery! Its the first time we have been foiled and it is not sitting well with any of us, we know there are mysteries afoot and we are eager to get adopted so that we can get back on the case! I am currently in charge of recruiting the humans we will need to join us in our mystery solving adventures! We know that once we are adopted we will be working as free agents but have no fear our communications will continue and we will be able to solve more mysteries by scattering us in different directions! If you think you're the human for the job and that you would like to partner up with me in our adventures please come down for an interview and we can decide together. 


When you arrive I will share with you the code word... are you ready?

Velma Over and Out.

Daphne: DSH Mix, D.O.B December 2019

Hey it's Daphne (Obviously the pretty one of the group!) I bet Velma told you all about how we were brought here by one of the suspects in our latest mystery, failing all of you guys has reaslly put us all in a funk and we are just anxious to get back out there and make sure that the bad guys dont get the drop on us again. We are using this time here at the shelter to strategize and come up with plans to communicate with each other once we have been seperated. Of course Fred has been the positive and reassuring one of the group and has said that even though we are all going off on our own that we will still be able to do what we love most and solve mysteries. Velma is hard at work screening potential humans to partner up with us in our mission. So if you would rather have beauty over the brain then please come in and ask for Daphne and no like i told Velma you dont need a code word.


Charlie: DSH Tuxedo Mix, D.O.B October 2019

My name is Charlie!  Im a loving and adorable little kitten or at least that is what all the peoples here tell me! I am very loving and affectionate with my two roommates Marcus and Mike, at furst they werent big fans of me cuddling with them but I told them they better just suck it up because I love them ha ha.  I really do enjoy cuddles with everyone! Im very easy going and could fit in to pretty much any home as long as your not looking for an independant cat because anyone here could tell you that thats not me! I would LOVE to have another cat friend in my new home, someone that will let me curl up in a nice sun spot with them and nap!  I love the mini peoples too! They all come to visit and pick me up and hold me and love me and its just bliss so I would very much be interested in a home with the mini peoples too! Big, Mini, any peoples would be just right for a girl like me so if youd like a kitten in your family please consider coming to this place and giving me a snuggle! 

Launa: DSH Mix, D.O.B August 2019 (Adoption Pending)

My story is still being written come back soon to find out all about me!

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