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Viking: DSH Mix, D.O.B June 2019

What big ears you have! Is usually the first thing I hear when people see me! All the better to not listen to you with is all I ever think my response should be because I'm a cat and us cats tend to have selective hearing as I'm sure you know if you've ever had one of us before....oh dear am I ranting again sorry I tend to do that...I have a thing when people mention my ears....anyway sorry my name is Viking, yes I know it's a strong warrior name which im sorry to say truly does not describe me in any way! I am a sweet gentle pussy cat that enjoys the simple pleasures in life, long naps with my cat friends, various assortments of food and of course the odd squeaker toy if I really feel like indulging. I truly enjoy the human pets and attention that they give me. I hope to one day committ myself to just a few humans and call them my pets forever. If you think your up for the task of being my servant I will be accepting resumes at my earliest convience and should I accept one I will be in contact. 
Warmest regards 

Manchester: DMH Nix, D.O.B June 2019

EH! Who you lookin' at?  Is it me? If it's me you're in luck because I'm here looking for you. The names Manchester, and I'm a stray cat, I can't tell you my past but I can share with you my future if you'll let me. A bit about me, well I'm not gonna sugar coat it I'm lazy, I like to lay around for long cat naps with my cat friends,eat and get back scratches and cuddles with my humans. If youre lookin for one of them playful cats that ain't me but if your lookin' for a life time snuggle buddy then you might just fit into my future plans. If youre reading this you must be lookin' for a cat and I might just be lookin' for a human. So come on down and say hi. And maybe I'll see you at home. 


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