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Sky: Mastiff Mix, D.O.B November 2019

Oh Hi! Im your new puppy, or at least I hope I can be. Im a sweet and playful little lady who came to the shelter with my mom and 10 brothers and sisters! Yes you read that right....there are 11 of us including me!  Im a baby and I still have so much to learn, but I am really hoping that I can find a family who is patient and willing to teach me all of the things I need to know to grow up to be a well rounded doggy.  I know that I am a black puppy and not as eye catching or exciting looking as some of the other puppies here, but that just means I will work extra hard to show you just how loyal and loving I can be!  If you are searching for a loyal, smart and loving little girl you've come to the right place! I'm here and I'm waiting...

Eclipse: Mastiff Mix, D.O.B November 2019

Hellllooo! My name is Eclipse! I am here at this loud puppy place with my 10 siblings! I am seeking this thing called a forever home!  I don't know much about one of those but everyone says that a furrever home is where I wanna be so I guess I need to tell you all the things about me so that you fall in love with me and want to give me this furrever home thing. So ummm firstly i cane here with my mom and siblings after we were surrendered to a different rescue person that brought us for a long car ride to this place where we live now.  I am pretty happy here, I have my siblings to wrestle with, lots of food and tons of people that come here to visit all of us and tell us we are "cutie patooties" whatever that means. I would love to be find a furever home where the humans call me loving names like "cutie patootie" and "adorable" even when I'm not a little puppy anymore. So if you're in search of an adorable baby to add to your family please consider me. I just might give you a total "Eclipse" of the heart!

Rhea: Mastiff Mix, D.O.B November 2019

Greetings! I would love to introduce myself, my name is Rhea! Thank you for coming to read all about me and my brothers and sisters! Im sure you can guess why Im here! Thats right Im looking for my forever home! As Im sure you have read from all my sibling's profiles, we arrived her with our mama (all 11 of us!) We got to spend some time growing up here and learning a little bit about what this shelter place is all about, for me living at a shelter means food, water, and a super snuggly blanket to sleep in so I'd have to say that I am a fan of this shelter place! You know what I would also be a fan of ? My own loving family and my very own furrever home! Now that I am a little bigger and a little wiser I am here to offer you my heart! So if you have a little bitt of space in your home and your heart please consider my shelter friends how you can be the one to take me home! 

Rey: Bull Mastiff, Lab Mix. D.O.B November 2019 (Adoption Pending)

Hi, I'm Rey. I'm new here to this shelter place and new to this whole searching for a family ordeal. I came here with my five brothers and sister and I'm not used to any other life, its always been us and thats the way I like it. I know that we cant always be together and that each of us needs to find this furrrever home thing everyone keeps talking bout but I don't really know what that is yet so I'm pretty nervous. I haven't known many humans and they are a bit scary to me. When they come to look at us I like to hide behind my big brother Baby Yoda and hope they don't see me!  I do like to be snuggled by the shelter humans and they tell me it will only be a matter of time before I find a family of my own to snuggle, I'm nervous to leave my brothers and sister but am excited to see what comes next for me. Could that be you ?

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