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Comet: Mastiff Mix, D.O.B November 2019

You know what they say about comets? Some of them only come around once in a life time. I am one of those comets, I am a once in a life time for a life time kind of dog. I am loyal, loving, sweet and affectionate with with a little bit of a rebelious streak too! (Not to toot my own horn or anything)  I like to play and wrestle with my siblings (There is 11 of us so theres lots of that going on!) When I came here I was just a wee baby, but now I'm a big boy....well getting bigger....BUT I will be a big boy and that means I need to find a family that knows how to teach me all of the things I need to know to be a good BIG boy! I'm not afraid to admit that I dont know everything, I mean I am just a puppy afterall but after being here and seeing the humans that I have seen I have come up with a few qualities that I would like to see in my new furrever family..... One, would be the obvious that they love me, second another dog would be pretty nice, I would love to have someone like me to teach me new things but most of all to play with! Coming from such a LARGE family there is never much time to yourself around here, a sister kicking you in the face here and a brother biting your ear there, its never a dull moment with my family, so I am pretty used to having an active enviroment which brings me to my last quality, a human kid to grow up with and play with I really wounld mind one of those either....BUT if im being honest im really not all that picky and as long as the first quality is met then I would be one happy puppy!  Dont miss out on your chance to have a comet come into your atmosphere!

Archer: Mastiff Mix, D.O.B November 2019

Hiya Guys! Archer Here and Im gonna be a straight shooter with you and tell you that I am looking for my furrever home. Im hoping to find a nice loving family who is going to teach me all that I need to know to be a good big boy! I have 11 brothers and sisters here at the shelter so I`m used to having lots to do all the time, lots of play time and lots of of nap time with my siblings, so I would definately be happy to go to a home with a brother or sister to play with and keep me company seeing as how I`m not used to ever being alone. Im a very outgoing little boy and am always the first to greet people when they come to visit! Im really hoping to meet the right fit for me very soon! 

Titan: Mastiff Mix, D.O.B November 2019

It`s me Titan, I`m here at the shelter hanging out with my brothers and sisters just waiting to find my happily ever after! Im a very outgoing boy and am so eager to be with people. We came here with our mom when we were very little puppies so we have grown up here and learned that people are our best friends! Im not picky when it comes to what I`m seeking in a furrever home, simply someone who is going to love me and spend time with me, being from such a big family theres never a dull moment there is always someone here to play with someone to cuddle up and sleep with so I might feel a little lonely if I go to a home without a playmate, but im hoping that you will be my new best friend and that I can share all of my heart with you!

Leo: Mastiff Mix, D.O.B November 2019

 Hiii! I`m Leo! Im so very happy to meet you! Firstly Id just like to say thank you so much for coming to see me and my siblings, and read our stories! Im a quiet and more reserved boy compared to my siblings but I am still always excited to meet new friends and say hello to anyone who comes to see us!  I would really love to meet you and show you just how great of a boy I am ! I would love a family who could teach me new things and help me build confidence so that I can be the bestest big boy possible.  They tell me Im probably going to be a very big boy since my mom is a Mastiff!  If you would like to add a loving boy to your home please talk to my shelter humans and I will win your heart! 

Calypso: Mastiff Mix, D.O.B November 2019


Han Solo: Bull Mastiff, Lab Mix. D.O.B November 2019

Han Solo reporting for duty, and Im on a new mission to find my furrever home, Im hoping to fly warp speed right into your heart! Im a pretty outgoing little dude, I am the smallest of my siblings which has taught me that I just have to be the toughest! While I have to show my brother and sister that I can fend for myself when it comes to wrestle time I truly am a big cuddle bug and just melt when any human cuddles me! I am going to be a very big boy so I am seeking humans that will be ok with a BIG love bug once I am all grown up! If you think you have what it takes to tame my wild heart please consider adding me to your family! 

Over and out.  

Baby Yoda: Bull Mastiff, Lab Mix. D.O.B November 2019

WOOF! Its me Baby Yoda! My family and I are new here to the shelter and I am new to being a puppy! At 8 weeks old I am just beginning to learn what this big world is all about! I am the biggest of all of my siblings and have a personality to match. Sass should be my middle name becase I am full of it! I have no problem telling you when I want some love! While I am a little shy at first I do become curious very quickly and love to experience new things. I am looking for a family to take me under their wings and show me more new things.I just might be your new puppy! Until then.....

May the force be with you. 
Baby Yoda

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