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Finding homes for wonderful animals

Peter Rabbit: Rex Mix, D.O.B: January 2019

"Thump" ....."Thump" ....."Thump"  Its me! Peter Rabbit hopping down the bunny trail and right into your heart!  I was just a lonley boy livin' in a loney world when I met my lady friend and decided to start a family. Thats right at a year old I'm already a dad! Me, my baby mama and our now 8 babies ( They werent born yet) came here to the shelter when the tempertures dropped and the neighbourhood people worried about us making it out on the streets.  My lady went to live in a foster home while we waited for the arrival of our babies and I stayed behind to get the lay of the land, to meet and greet with the shelter humans and make sure that my family was going to like it here at the shelter. I have nothing but rave reviews to send home to the old lady and kids, this place is awesome! All you can eat hay, water, and even treats and cuddles! I was resistant to all that love and affection at first but with a little coaxing, the humans have won me over and I gotta say I'm liking this whole being an indoor bunny thing.  Now the kids are old just about old enough to leave the nest and my lady had decided she would like to strike out on her own I am looking for a bachelor pad of my own to crash in with some humans to show me more about this indoor bunny life, so if your looking for a recently on the market wabbit consider me Peter. 

Babs: Rex Mix,  D.O.B January 2019

Eh the names, Babs, I bet that no good Peter Rabbit was talkin about me, a few nice  dates and here I wind up with eight kids and no man! Thankfully my babies are all just about ready to find homes of their own and my hope is that they will never have to know what living on the streets feels like. Peter and I went through a lot in the year we were out there, Im just thankful and happy that the neighbours brought us in and that I could have my babies in a warm home. Peter stayed behind at the shelter while I went to a foster home to raise the kids on my own. I did the best I could to teach them what they will need to know to grow up and be good bunnies, now that we have all been reunited at the shelter Peter has shared with me how great this place is and the kids and I  are finally starting to trust the humans here.  They are out exploring more which is nice because it gives me the chance to take a break and relax, they need to learn to be more independant now that they are going to be going off to find their own homes soon! As for me I will need a little more time to be as cuddly and loving as Peter has become with humans, I am still nervous but I am open to the whole cuddling idea once I get more comfortable and get to know you. I am looking for a furrever home and I hope that it just might be the person reading this! 

Chubbs: Dutch Mix, D.O.B 2019

My story isnt quite ready yet.....check back soon!

Gizmo: Rex Mix, D.O.B December 2019

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Cinnibun: Rex Mix, D.O.B June 2017

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Fritter: Mini Rex Mix, D.O.B December 2019

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Timbit: Mini Rex Mix, D.O.B Decmeber 2019

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Butter Tart: Mini Rex Mix, D.O.B Decmeber 2019

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Cookie: Mini Rex Mix, D.O.B December 2019

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Brownie: Mini Rex Mix, D.O.B December 2019

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