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Apollo: Rabbit, D.O.B October 2019

Oh Hi there, I bet you can see from my picture that I'm a baby bunny! I was living under a shed with my siblings and mama when the man who owned the shed found us and brought us to the shelter my mom and sibling went to a foster home while me and my other sibling are hanging out here at the shelter. This place is pretty noisy and pretty busy all the time and as a baby bunny that can be a bit scary at times but luckily the humans here hold me and tell me it's going to be just fine! I am a pretty cuddly little bun bun. I have some very cute white markings down my nose which makes me extra adorable. I love to spend my days hanging out with my sibling, eating hay and snoozing in my comfy little house it's definately better than living out in the cold under a shed! I have just about all I could want as a young bunny except for my forever home so if your interesting in adding a cuddly bunny to your family please stop by for a visit I'd be "hoppy" to meet you!

Ares: Rabbit, D.O.B October 2019

Hey! hello! I'm down here on floor! I'm not very easy to see because I'm a baby bunny!  While most of you know about the cats and dogs here at the shelter many people don't know that sometime they get adorable little caged animals in like me and my siblings!  My family ended up here at the shelter after we were found living under a shed and am I sure glad we ended up here have you seen all the snow out there!!  Now I get to grow up and be a house bunny instead of being out in the cold! I'm a snuggly little bun who is good to be held and loves you guessed it food! I want to grow up to be big and strong! I'm a beautiful grey color with a little white nose which makes me extra adorable.  I only have one thing on my Christmas list this year and that's for me and all my friends to find our forever homes in time for the holidays! If your interested in adding a cuddle bunny to the family please ask for me I'm the one on the floor!