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XDream Sleepover Fundraiser:

Hey everyone we have a brand new super exciting new fundraiser that we are wanting to try out for the first time, and since everyone is on social distancing and our doors are closed other than for Fosters, Intakes and Adoptions we felt now is the purrrfect opportunity to try it out. We are a staff that loves animals and comes by it very honestly. We thought it would be fun to do an XDream Sleepover here at the shelter for a Maximum of 5 nights. Over these 5 nights we will be sleeping in one of the dog cages on the concrete floor just like our furr babies do while they are waiting for their furrever homes. While we do this we will be video taping, blogging and sharing our experience with you. You will be able to watch the live feed on our Facebook page as well as read our blogs. The object of this fundraiser is to raise money for the animals, as with our doors being closed, and us being a non profit organization we still need money to take care of all these furr babies. We have had to cancel numerous fundraiser and our Bingo's resulting in a huge financial loss. For every 500.00$  or more donated per night one of our staff will be released and able to go back home.....  We will start our fundraiser on Monday April 20th and go until Friday April 25th.

Our supporters can send in votes on who goes home first, second, third so on so forth..... We are going to let you as our biggest fans decide. That being said we want to have some fun while doing this..... You can follow our Facebook page and watch each of our individual blogs and videos, you can also call the shelter and ask to speak to one of us to chit chat and see how we are doing. If you scroll further down there is a picture of each one of us along with a little bio and story we would like to share with you. That being said our stories have been done up the same way we do stories for our furr babies..... 

There are a few ways you can donate:

E- Transfer: and make the password: sleepover

Then please text or message us on Facebook the following:

First and Last name

Address including Postal Code

Cell Phone Number and Email Address

Donation Amount

Once we receive this we will send out a receipt.

With Credit Card by phone or online. If you want to donate by phone you can call 306-446-2700  or 306-490-7387 (cell)

If you are wanting to use your Credit Card online you have to email, text or private message on Facebook with the following information:

First and Last name

Address including Postal Code

Email Address

Cell Phone Number

Donation Amount

Then once we receive that we will send a link to your cell phone for you to be able to donate online with a credit card.

Once donation is received we will also send out a receipt.

Our Participants:

Michelle Spark: Rare Breed, D.O.B Knows more than she says............

Hey guys my name is Michelle and I have been here at the animal shelter for 10 years now. I have 3 furr babies that own me, A St. Bernard named Dolly, A Boston Terrier named Maggie and A Yorkie named Beans.  My favorite color is purple. My favorite snack is Lay's potato chips.My favorite drink is Coffee from Tim Hortons because coffee is life............My hobbies include beading, cross stitching and Obedience training. I also love to curl up with my furr babies with a cup of coffee and a good book. 80% of the time you can find me here at the shelter in the office, or somewhere in the building with an animal, the other 20% of the time you can find me at home or at the lake either on the deck at the cabin or out on the lake on the boat. 

Steven Brown: Unknown Species, D.O.B Still leveling up............

Hey guys my name is Steven and I have been at the shelter for 9 years now. I have a furr baby and a feathered friend who own me, A Dalmatian named Ajax and A Conure Parrot name Gemini. My favorite color is green. My favorite snack is sour keys. My absolute favorite meal is Chicken Cordon Bleu. I need at least two cups of coffee in the morning to get my day going and I need to be able to listen to my music through out the day. My hobbies include painting, drawing,  country dancing and having naps. 

Chynna Shortt: Alberta/Sask Mix, D.O.B Still achieving goals............

Hey guys my name is Chynna and I have been at the shelter for 1 1/2 years now. I have two furr babies that own me named Buster and Georgie. My favorite color is purple. My favorite snack is sour candy and I can't get through my day with out at least a Pepsi.  My favorite food is Beef fried rice. My hobbies include hiking, scrapbooking and watching horror movies with my boyfriend tyler and the dogs. Oh I forgot to mention that my dogs are my life!

Catherine Regush: Junior Species, D.O.B Just starting this thing called life............

Hey guys my name is Catherine and I am new here at the shelter. I have two furr babies that own me, both cats and their names are Roxy and Reggie. My favorite color is yellow. My favorite snack is fruit gummies. My hobbies include sewing and singing. Did I mention I really really love my cats?

Colette LeBlanc: Migrated Species, D.O.B Old enough to know better, Young enough to do it again............

Hey guys my name is Colette and I have been at the shelter for 2 years now. I have 5 furr babies that own me at home. A dog named Grace and 4 cats names Boomer, Frankie, Jughead and Daisy.  My favorite color is Red. My favorite snacks are pepperoni and cheese and my favorite drink is flavored carbonated water. My hobbies include, volunteering at the animal shelter, Obedience class and grooming animals. Oh yeah I forgot to mention I really really love the animals here at the shelter. 

Cohen: Junior Apprentice, D.O.B Still becoming a species of his own kind

Hey guys my name is Cohen and I have been visiting and coming to the animal shelter with my grandma for 2 years now. I love love love the animals here and want to take them all home. Grandma won't let me though.... I think thats why we get to come and volunteer cause then they can stay here but I get to love them anyways. My favorite color is red. My favorite snack is fruit roll ups and My favorite drink is Rootbeer. I have one furr baby at home that likes to boss me around and tell me what to do. Her name is Daisy and she's an orange tabby cat. My hobbies include spending time with Daisy, Lego and  playing with dinky cars.