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North Battlefords Humane Society

We are committed to helping each potential owner choose an animal best suited to the owner's life style.  Each animal currently available for adoption has his or her own special story and some have yet to feel the comfort and security of a loving home. Your interest in adopting one of our special friends means that you are a caring and responsible person. Make no "bones" about it - adopting a pet is a very important decision! And, like any important decision, it requires a lot of thought and consideration.

Also make sure when you are filling out forms online you are not using your cell phone or tablet as applications are not available on those devices. Sorry for any inconvenience.

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Adopting a forever Pet

                                                                                                                Our Adoption Pricing

                                                                                      Adult Dogs:  Male and Female


                                                                     Puppies:  Male and Female


                                                                     Unfixed Caged Animals


Cats over 9 Months: Male and Female


Cats Under 9 Months: Male and Female


Fixed Caged Animals


  Our adoption prices include:

Our Adoption Fee

Cost of Spay/Neuter

24 PetWatch Micro-chip & Registration

1st Vaccination & any other medication needed
  during the animals stay at the shelter

Free Vet Check

(within two weeks of adoption) 

30 days Free Pet Insurance

Complimentary 1 year Battlefords 

  Humane Society Membership


Tags For Hope


      Click here to order one today!!!


Click to donate 35% of your order to

Battlefords Humane Society


Practical & Safe.

The tags are designed to keep your pet safe. You can use the back of the tag to write important information about your pet's special needs such as health issues, food allergies and behavioral problems.

Extremely Durable.

The tags are crafted from a special material that makes them virtually indestructible. They are fully waterproof, can withstand any rough playing and the information inside will never wear out.

Two Perfect Sizes.

At just 2.25" x 1.25" for the regular tag and 1.85" x 1.0" for the small tag, Tags For Hope can be comfortably worn by all pets, no matter the breed, shape or size.

Does Your Dog Have C.L.A.S.S.?
  Does Your Dog Have C.L.A.S.S.?
Battlefords Humane Society now offers Obedience Classes!!!!
Canine Life and Social Skills is an educational program to promote training focused on the use of positive reinforcement and to strengthen relationships between humans and their canine companions. The classes are fun and innovative, incorporating games and prizes for our students. At the end of the programs, dogs and their handlers will be evaluated and tested to see if they qualify for their certificate!! Classes are for dogs 4 months and older and must be fully vaccinated. But what about those young puppies and the first time dog owner?? Don't worry, we are also offering Puppy Playschool!!!! These classes are for anyone with a new puppy, ages 8-16 weeks!! Puppies will have socialization time, and owners will learn how to deal with all those puppy behaviors like chewing, coming when called, biting, crate training and more!!!!! Registration is in the Connaught School Gymnasium. Call the shelter for prices and more information...hope to hear from you soon!!!!


   The DOG MOB can be "let loose" on your friends or neighbors lawn with a $100 donation to The Battleford's Humane Society Shelter-Us Building Fund. Call The Shelter to arrange your mobbings! 306-446-2700

Thank you for your support!

The Dog Mob