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                    Finding homes for wonderful animals

 Battlefords Humane Society       "We Speak for those who cannot speak for themselves"

We are committed to helping each potential owner choose an animal best suited to the owner's life style.  Each animal currently available for adoption has his or her own special story and some have yet to feel the comfort and security of a loving home. Your interest in adopting one of our special friends means that you are a caring and responsible person. Make no "bones" about it - adopting a pet is a very important decision! And, like any important decision, it requires a lot of thought and consideration.

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New Website Coming Soon!!

We have a new website under construction and it will soon be available to view!! Please be patient while we work out the kinks and get our new improved website up and running!!

New Super Exciting News!!!!!!!!!!!! BHS Boarding and Grooming is opening very soon and is now taking bookings and their website is now live! Click on the link below to check out the services offered and for more information!!

                                                               Pet Food Hampers

 We are so grateful to all who have supported us over the years and now it's our turn to give back. Please if you or someone you know is in need of a pet hamper send us a letter telling us why! Please send letters by email to Hampers are available to anyone in need.

If you are in a position to donate items to our hampers, please contact the Humane Society and we can let you know how you can help.

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We would like to introduce you to our staff:

 Michelle Spark: Shelter Coordinator            

Michelle Spark started at the Battlefords Humane Society in March of 2010 as a Kennel Attendant. In November of 2010 she became the Manager of The Battlefords Humane Society. Michelle owns a St. Bernard named Dolly, a Boston Terrier named Maggie and A Yorkie named Bean. Michelle has a diploma in Animal Sciences as well as Business Management. She has been a certified dog trainer since June of 2017 and is a member of The Association of Professional Dog Trainers. She is currently studying to write her knowledge assessed exam through the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers. Michelle currently runs the obedience program offered through the Humane Society called All Things K9 Training.

Jenn Kaye: Obedience Trainer in Practicum 

Jenn Kaye started at the Battlefords Humane Society in February 2014. In June of 2014 she was moved into the weekend supervisor position and then in September 2017 she was moved into the Assistant Manager position. Jenn has her Diploma in Animal Sciences as well as her Feline Behavior Modification. She also has her first year of Veterinary Technology, after moving here in 2013 she wasn’t able to continue with the course. She also has her own personal little zoo at home with animals ranging from fuzzy creatures to reptiles/amphibians, birds and fish. Jenn also looks after our websites and advertising for the Battlefords Humane Society. She has recently stepped back from shelter work but is still actively helping with our Obedience Program.

Brandon: Assistant Manager

Brandon has been with the Battlefords Humane Society since 2015. He moved up into the Weekend Supervisor position 2020. He Currently owns his own personal zoo of animals that consist of dogs, cats, reptiles, birds and fish. As well as one of our best Foster Homes up for any challenge. Brandon over the last few years has been specializing in behavior assessments and dog socialization at the shelter. Brandon has recently moved into a management position and has taken on the huge responsibility of coordinating continued education for our staff through online education.

Amy: Shift Lead

Amy  has been with the Battlefords Humane Society since 2013. She Currently own her own personal zoo of animals that consist of dogs, cats, reptiles, birds and fish. Right now, Amy is here Casually on the weekends because in 2019 she started training in the dog grooming field in the hopes that she will be employed as a groomer in the new facility.