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Ways to Donate:

There are many ways to Donate to The Battlefords Humane Society. We are a non profit organization and run the whole operation off of donations. Any donation helps us and our furr babies out greatly. If you look down below through out this page there are also many other ways to donate to us that you may not have been aware of. Take a peak and see what else we offer...

Online Donations: 

We have a new set up and new system that we have recently started using and it makes online donating so much easier. If you are wanting to donate to us but can't always make it in, or would rather use your credit card to send a donation in you can click on the link below and it will direct you to the page you need to be on to make this happen. All donations $20.00 and over we will send out a tax receipt.

Who Let The Dogs Out?????

The DOG MOB can be "let loose" on your friends or neighbors lawn with a $100 donation to The Battleford's Humane Society Shelter-Us Building Fund. Call The Shelter to arrange your mobbings! 306-446-2700

Thank you for your support!

The Dog Mob

Tags for Hope:

Hey everyone check out tags for hope. They have cute dog tags that you can get for your animals with all their information on the tag and makes it that much easier for someone to get a hold of you if they find your sweet little furr baby lost..... The bonus is they also donate to animals shelters like us for each tag that is bought and purchased from their company. Click on the link below and check it out.... 

Sponsoring An Animal:

Here at the Battlefords Humane Society we have other options for donating. You may not be able to have a furr baby or you may not be ready for another one, or you may just not have the time for one but you still want to help these furr babies out. Sponsoring an animal can be a very heart warming feeling and rewarding at the same time. You can sponsor an animals adoption fee and then the animal is paid for which not only helps out the furr baby but it may just help out a family that wants to adopt the furr baby.... If this is something you are interested in doing you can either contact us on the contact page about it or you can come on down to the shelter and we will be more than happy to help you out... Can't wait to hear from you!

Memorial For A Loved Pet:

Stay tuned for further information.....